DG55-Dual Sensitivity PIR
DG55-Dual Sensitivity PIR Motion Detector (PIR) Alarm Sensors Alarm System Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Supply, Installation | Smart Secure & Automation Sdn Bhd
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DG55 is alarm motion detector based on Passive Infrared Detector – PIR in Malaysia. It detects movements of object within passive infrared. Dual element PIR sensor allows more sensitive motion detection.


At the recommended installation height of 2.1 meter (7ft.) to 2.7 meter (9ft.) ±10%, Digigard 55 provided full coverage from 1.2 meter (4ft.) to 12 meter (40ft.)

Avoid placing the detector in close proximity to the following source of interference, reflective surface, direct air flow from vents, fans, windows, source of steam or oil vapor, infrared light source and objects causing temperature changes such as heaters, refrigerators and ovens.

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