DG466-Directional Ceiling Mounted
DG466-Directional Ceiling Mounted Motion Detector (PIR) Alarm Sensors Alarm System Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Supply, Installation | Smart Secure & Automation Sdn Bhd

How to use:

The Paradome 466 is a high performance infrared motion detector designed to detect and differentiate direction of movement and react accordingly. This is useful in circumstances where you may wish to leave and re-enter a protected area without triggering an alarm yet still enable protection from intruders. For example, you wish to arm an area such as an open balcony or patio door. The detector uses two sensor to determine if motion is incoming or outgoing.

Incoming movement
To satisfy the condition for an incoming movement (intrusion), the Paradome 466 needs to detect movement only across beam “A”. Detection from beam “B” is not required. When this occurs, the red LED illuminates for 3 seconds and relay 1 reacts according to which jumper setting have been enabled, unless this intrusion occurs during a return delay.

Outgoing movements
To satisfy the condition for an outgoing movement, the Paradome 466 must detect movement across both sensor (beam “B” and then beam “A”) in succession. When this occurs, the green LED illuminates for 3 seconds, relay 2 activates and starts the return delay timer during which incoming movements will be ignored. If movement is detected only across beam “B”, relay 2 will not activate.

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